6 Life Lessons Learned on the Footy Field


We are strongest when we are united.

Football doesn’t just help with on-the-pitch action – it gives you skills for life. Want to know how? Here’s our guide to six lessons that are learned on the footy field.

It takes a lot of practice to become a top player. Early mornings, late nights, weekends, lunch breaks. Ball skills don’t magic themselves up: you need focus, commitment, attention to detail. If you learn to discipline yourself playing football, you can transpose this to every other aspect of your life. There are no shortcuts to success.

First, we have to stay fit and healthy, we have to improve every single day, competing only with ourselves. Second is learning how to compete against others. Before a game, we study our opponents, we come up with a game plan and we put it into practice. This is a vital lesson for every part of our lives. In business, these are the skill that will take you places.

How to be a leader
Every team has a coach. Every team has a manager. Every team has a captain that can lead the team, whether things are going your way or not. Especially when things aren’t going your way at all. Learning how to encourage, inspire and move forward as a team is what good leadership is made of. Football teaches us how to lead. Off the pitch, it can be one of life’s greatest skills.

How to follow
Understanding how to take direction from others is key to a good game. Football is a team sport but there will be people leading, and knowing how to follow is an important skill.

How to be a team player
Individuals don’t win football games. Teams do. To be on a team, we must learn to be accountable to the people around us. We have to understand the strengths of others, and our own weaknesses. We have to motivate others and ourselves and work together. The knowledge that we are strongest when we are united is invaluable in our lives outside of football.

How to maximise on strength
Each team player has a strength. Some are fast, some are agile, some can dribble like Ronaldo, some can bend it like Beckham. Learning how to work effectively as a team, drawing on the strengths of each player, will help us in almost every part of our lives – on and off the pitch.